1. About – Why this blog? Who the heck do I think I am?

Motivation is the key to success

  1. Don’t be a quitter
  2. Spanish for busy people
  3. Everyone can learn a language
  4. Because you don’t see improvement doesn’t mean it isn’t there
  5. Is Spanish really that easy?
  6. Spanish should be fun
  7. What if you studied Spanish in school but failed?
  8. Understanding everything shouldn’t be your goal
  9. Turn negative things positive
  10. Lazy people are better learners
  11. Learning a language is like running a marathon
  12. Are you trying to learn Spanish or are you actually learning it?
  13. How to keep momentum
  14. Making mistakes, does it hurt?


  1. What’s an SRS?
  2. Where to get sentences from?
  3. Where to get even more sentences from, with audio?
  4. Is using flashcards bad?

For the grammar nazis

  1. Screw grammar
  2. How to ignore grammar
  3. Why you think you need to learn grammar
  4. Learn by example
  5. I know nothing about grammar…
  6. Can learning grammar be a shortcut to fluency?

Yo! Fix my pronunciation!

  1. How to roll your R
  2. “Listen First” equals to “Never Going to Speak”?
  3. Don’t worry too much about your accent (However, after meeting many language learners over the years I do believe it’s possible for adult learners to acquire a native accent)
  4. Imitate, imitate, imitate
  5. Videotape yourself
  6. How I got a native Spanish accent

Input and output (a.k.a. “taking in” vs. “producing”)

  1. Input vs. output
  2. Understand Spanish: How to make the transition from input to output
  3. Spanish conversation groups may damage your fluency
  4. Speaking won’t make you better at Spanish
  5. The TV Method

Matt’s Corner

  1. The Alpha-Male’s Manly Approach to Language Acquisition
  2. The Gentlemanly Alpha-Gentleman’s Guide to Language Learning Part II: Pick Your Poison
  3. The Manly Alpha-Male’s Guide to Language Acquisition Part III: Dora the Explorapocalypse
  4. Matt’s Manly Minipost #1
  5. Pick the Culture, Not the Language
  6. Of Kindness and Kimchi
  7. The Manly Alpha-Male’s Guide to L2 Panic Rooms and Upper Chest Strength
  8. The Manly Alpha Male’s Guide to Guerrilla Wordfare
  9. Sans-internet in the Land of Miracles (now with more hot-tubs)
  10. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Pulling Out
  11. The Manly Alpha-Male’s Guide to Reading Things With French Words
  12. Dearest dudes and babes
  13. The Alpha Masculine-Male’s Guide to the Breast Korean Language Resources
  14. Mini-post: Tools of the Trade
  15. A Weekend of Compelling, Sword-based Input
  16. 一石二鳥 and a Milestone
  17. Let’s Play French
  19. Tools of the Trade: Twitter Clients
  20. The End?
  21. Cluster-ficken!
  22. Grammar vs. Sexy Dancing
  23. The Skills to Pay the Bills (Y’all)
  24. Oh. My. God.
  25. If you’re interested, it’s for you
  26. When you’ve got a magic hammer, everything IS a nail.
  27. How to use a textbook
  28. All Carrot, No Stick
  29. The Life of Game
  30. Walking the Path
  32. Want to give something back?
  33. Mass(ively) Effect(ive)
  34. is GO!
  35. We did it!
  36. Confucius on languages
  37. Of Hunters and Rabbits


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