So, probably you already figured out that this blog is about learning Spanish. True. As a Spanish major I know how hard it can be to acquire a second (or third, in my case) language without any previous language learning experience.

Because I’m majoring in Spanish you probably think I learned the language from my college classes. WRONG! My initial plan was to get fluent by following college classes and following the advices of my professors. That turned out to be a disaster. Not only did I learn very little, I also acquired a bad accent and absolutely no ‘right-wrong’-feeling when writing and speaking. That’s why I decided things had to change.

After surfing the Internet for days I discovered quite some methods, and although most looked promising, they didn’t work. Until I found something about “massive input”, “input before output”, “no more vocab and grammar cramming” from the guys of Antimoon.com. Other than the previous methods I tried this looked pretty good and the results that these two Polish guys got were stunning. That’s why I decided to go into a “Spanish Only” mode, hence the title of this blog.

About one year later I’m pretty fluent, and all this without cramming grammar and loose words. No, all I did was having fun and getting real, uncut, Spanish as input each and every day. That’s why I decided to launch this blog; to help people who struggle with Spanish and guide them to the way I took to fluency.

So, if you really want to learn Spanish by having nothing else than fun. If you hate spending hundreds of dollars on books that don’t work anyway. Then this is a blog you *must* read.

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