Yesterday I was fooling around with a Spanish friend of mine. I made a joke that she should marry with me as we’re both lazy, and when we were saying goodbye to each other she said: ¡No me pongas los cuernos!

I didn’t know what it means, so when she left I took my Spanish-Spanish dictionary and found the following explanation: poner los cuernos loc. col. Ser infiel a la pareja. In plain English that means “to cheat [on someone]” or “to be unfaithful”. Therefore, what my friend said to me means something like; “don’t cheat on me!”, although in a colloquial context.


Su novia le ponía los cuernos.
His girlfriend was cheating on him.

Le dejó porque se enteró de que le había puesto los cuernos.
She left him because she found out that he had been cheating on her.

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reybu May 25, 2013 at 4:04 pm

"poner los cuernos" is used in several South American countries and Mexico. In some others it is "quemar el rancho" or "quemar la canilla" and there are probably some more. _That is the amazing thing about Latin America that the words used may be different but also tha same and sometime with completely different meanings.


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