Today the last vulgar/swear word for a while (I don’t want this blog to become “the swear-blog”): carajo.

Personally, I use it once in a while, but most of my friends don’t like that fact. It’s actually worse than joder, although it more or less means the same; “damn” or “f*ck”. It’s a bit hard to explain so read the following examples carefully:


¡Vámonos ya, carajo!
For heaven’s sake, come on!

¡Vete al carajo!
Fuck off!

¡Carajo con el niño!
That bloody kid!

¿Que le pida yo disculpas? ¡un carajo!
Me apologize to him? like hell I will!

No entiendo ni un carajo.
I don’t understand a damn thing.

*Note: So far I know the word carajo is also used outside Spain. At least, I’ve heard it several times in a Mexican movie.

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